Siikir is a "location-aware" social networking site, which can help you locate other people near you. To do so, we need your GPS location to compare to the other users on this site.

If your browser supports the HTML5 Geolocation feature (most modern browsers do, and if you're on Android or iPhone you most likely do), the site will prompt you to access your location. It's recommended that you allow the site to get your location for the best user experience; without it, we'll need to fall back to using US zipcodes to search for users for you, and this is obviously limited to people in the US.

If your browser doesn't support HTML5 Geolocation, and you're in the United States, you can add your zipcode to your profile and we'll use that to get a rough approximation of your location.

In a worst case scenario that we can't find your location through your GPS device or a zipcode, the search page will default to be centered around Los Angeles, California. In the future, a feature will be added to allow selecting your location via Google Maps. If you're one of the people affected, you should send a comment to the Admin and get this feature prioritized for addition to the site.

Privacy Notice

Your coordinates, whether GPS or zipcode-based, are stored internally and are only used for locating other nearby users. Your location is not publicly available to anybody else on the site.

GPS Accuracy

If you're using your browser's HTML5 Geolocation feature, the top navigation bar (or navigation menu if you're on Mobile) will show you the accuracy of your GPS signal, in feet. If there was any kind of error getting your GPS location, this will show the error instead. If GPS isn't supported by your browser, this navigation item will not appear.